Cathedral Organs

Lètourneau Organs

In 2002, the Lètourneau organ builders of Quebec installed three beautiful instruments in the
pipeorgan closeup Cathedral, two in the main body of the Cathedral and one in the St. Ambrose Chapel. The people of the parish and the diocese combined their financial gifts with a generous donation from an anonymous individual to purchase these three instruments, which are among the finest instruments in the region. 

organ loftThe gallery organ, the large instrument in the choir loft, boasts 56 stops and 72 ranks. It is a beautiful piece of visual art in walnut, ash and bone. This magnificent instrument has all the wonderful colors of the five families of organ sounds: strings, flutes, principals, reeds and percussion. The amazing range of color available on this instrument enhances the texts of the hymns and songs we sing, leads the congregation alternately with subtlety and great power and easily handles a concert repertoire from the 15th to the 21st centuries. This organ is a well-known gem in the Midwest and concert organists from various parts of the world have come to play it through the years.

The Chancel Organ is the smaller instrument in front of the church, and it has 22 ranks in three floor organdivisions. This beautiful instrument regularly accompanies smaller congregations and also plays during concerts, sometimes together with the gallery organ. The gallery console controls the chancel organ as well, making all 94 ranks available to the organist in the loft.

The Chapel Organ is a delightful instrument of 14 ranks with fully mechanical action. The 60-seat chapel serves daily Mass and hosts summertime concerts featuring the lovely sounds of this organ. 

The specifications of these organs can be read in detail here.

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