Preserving Our Cathedral

The Stonecutters

Three workers were cutting stone.
When asked what they were doing, the first answered, “I am cutting stone.
The second said, “I am making a wall.”
The third replied, “I am building a cathedral.”


For more than 129 years, the Cathedral of Saint Andrew has graced the city of Grand Rapids, signaling welcome to all who seek tranquility and renewal in a turbulent face-paced world.

To many, the Cathedral of Saint Andrew is a spiritual haven. Parishioners, community members and visitors from around the state and our nation find their way to this sacred home, which may truly be called the center of Catholic life in the Grand Rapids diocese. The Cathedral stands apart as a vital thread in the community and the urban space.

A plan for the preservation and restoration the Cathedral of Saint Andrew includes work on the exterior and interior facades, as well as the pews, kneelers and Parish Center. Some of the work is beyond cosmetic, and these necessary repairs will ensure that the Cathedral endures for future generations. To see specific descriptions and pictures download the Preserving Our Cathedral project booklet.

This is a formidable challenge particularly in light of the ever-increasing needs in our Grand Rapids community. In the next three years we will be leading an extraordinary effort to raise approximately $500 thousand to complete the restoration of the Cathedral buildings.

We ask all of our parishioners and indeed Catholics of the Grand Rapids dioceses to support the preservation of the Cathedral of Saint Andrew. Join us. Become a Cathedral builder.

How to be a Cathedral Builder

If you would like to learn more about our efforts on behalf of the Cathedral of Saint Andrew, please contact Joe Chiaramonte.

The preservation of the Cathedral of Saint Andrew will be made possible by people like you. Just as Bishop Baraga asked for donations in 1883, no matter how large or small, today we ask you, our local community, worshippers and admirers to help us preserve this treasured landmark and seat of the Diocese.

Funds raised in support of this preservation project will be directed and managed by the Cathedral of Saint Andrew business office.



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