Parish Music Ministry

Our Parish Music Ministry has a place for every musician, from the beginner to the experienced professional. You may prefer to participate in the choir associated with a particular Mass, or you may find a particular choir type more suited to your preferences and abilities. If you’re still unsure where you fit, contact the Cathedral's Director of Music and he’ll be happy to help you find your place.

Chancel Choir - 4:30pm Saturday Mass

The Chancel choir is an ensemble of singers that includes both parishioners and non-parishioners, Catholics and Protestants. Because of a limited rehearsal time, an audition is required and music reading is very helpful.
The standing schedule is:
     Rehearsal TBD
     Second and Fourth Saturdays: 3:30 call, 4:30 Mass
     Dress: all black
     Repertoire: Liturgical music of the day, standard choral literature from chant
     to newly written.
The schedule varies slightly around Advent and Easter, when the Cathedral’s schedule becomes very busy. Confirm schedule changes with the director or communications person in the choir.

Cathedral Choir - 10am Sunday Mass

The Cathedral Choir is the long-standing 10am choir for Sundays in September through Corpus Christi (late May, early June). We also sing a few times during the summer. Choral experience is helpful and a very short audition may be needed if you haven’t sung in an adult choir before to determine your voice range.
The schedule is:
    Rehearsals: Thursdays—7-9pm
    Sundays, 10am Mass (9am call time)
    Dress: robes
    Repertoire: Liturgical music of the day, standard choral literature from chant
    to newly written.

Coro Hispano - 12pm Misa de Domingo

El Coro Hispano canta en la Misa del domingo 12pm.

Cathedral Evening Choir - 5:30pm Sunday Mass

The Cathedral Evening Choir is open to all singers and instrumentalists.   There is no audition required, though you may find it helpful to sing for the director to determine your voice range. 
The schedule is:
    Sundays: 4:30-5:15pm rehearsal (subject to change)
    Sundays: 5:30pm Mass
    Dress: business casual
    Repertoire: Liturgical music of the day, contemporary choral literature,
    American folk music.

Contemplative Mass Ensemble - 7:30pm Sunday Mass

The Cathedral Contemplative Ensemble sings for the contemplative-style Mass at 7:30pm every Sunday. For singers, there is no audition required, except possibly for voice placement in the choir, although previous choral experience is strongly recommended, since rehearsal time is so limited.  Instrumentalists are especially welcome for this Mass.
Our standing schedule is:
    Sundays: 6:45pm rehearsal
    Sundays: 7:30pm Mass
    Dress: business casual
    Repertoire: There is an emphasis on music of the Taizé community,
    but music of many styles is used, so long as it fits the contemplative
    mood of the liturgy. Most is SATB.

Short-Term Ensembles and Choirs (Christmas and Easter)

Every Advent season, the Christmas Choir begins rehearsing music for Christmas Midnight Mass. Rehearsals are Thursday nights in December, and one Saturday morning.

In Lent, the Holy Week Choir begins rehearsing, typically the Thursday after the first Sunday in Lent. The Holy Week Choir sings for Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday 7pm, Good Friday 1pm, Easter Vigil 8pm and Easter Sunday morning at 10am Mass.

If you are interested in a short term commitment to “try out” the choir or to deepen your experience of these beautiful liturgical seasons, contact the Director of Music for the schedule.

Cathedral Chorus

At least once each summer, typically in late July, the Cathedral Chorus meets on a Thursday night for rehearsal and then sings the following Sunday at the 10am Mass. This provides an opportunity for singers from all over the diocese to come together to sing in our beautiful cathedral at the televised Mass for the benefit of the whole diocese.

Funeral Choir

This is an ad hoc choir, made up of singers from throughout the city, which sings at funerals. The cathedral typically celebrates a funeral or memorial mass about once per month. There is no audition required, only a flexible schedule with 48 hours’ notice.

Cantor Ministry

There is a special role for soloists with the ability to inspire singing from a worshipping assembly. The liturgical soloist acts as cantor of the Psalm and Gospel verse as well as the leader of songs and acclamations in the absence of a choir. The main requirement for this role is preparation, so the desire to study the text and read the music is very helpful. Other important skills are the ability to sing clearly, in tune and with confidence. If you are interested in this ministry, please contact the Director of Music for an audition.

Instrumentalist Ministry

Musicians who have proficiency with an instrument are always welcome to participate in liturgies. Currently, this is arranged through the director on an individual basis, to accommodate your schedule and, if needed, your particular instrument's transposition and range. There are professional opportunities as well, for special feasts and for many diocesan celebrations.

I'm a beginner when it comes to singing. How can I learn?

Generally, it is best to jump into ministry as soon as your schedule allows you to attend rehearsals regularly. All singers can benefit from attending a voice coaching session and a music reading “class.” Contact the Director of Music for the current schedule for these important skill-building sessions.


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