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"Catholics helping pastors to do their job by studying, reflecting and recommending."

There are two councils for the parish through which lay people provide their services to assist the pastor in leading the parish. One is the Pastoral Council and the second is the Finance Council.  

What is a pastoral council?

A group of people chosen by the Cathedral community to share administrative and ministerial responsibilities with our pastor.

Does the Pastoral Council make decisions about the parish?

The purpose of the pastoral council is to “feel the pulse” of the people of the parish and to advise the pastor as to the best way to meet the needs of the faith community. Decisions by the parish council are collegial decisions arrived at through consensus. When decisions are reached about the needs of the parish, that decision is a recommendation to the pastor to assist him in reaching a final decision.

When did pastoral councils become popular in the Church?

Parish councils developed largely after the Second Vatican Council. The Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity called for pastoral councils at the Diocesan level, and encouraged a parallel development for parishes.


How can I become a member of the Pastoral Council at the Cathedral?

Elections for the Pastoral Council are held each year in December.  Members of the community are nominated by a committee or may put their own names forward for election.  Each year the community chooses three people for election to the Pastoral Council. The pastor appoints the fourth person. Both the elected and chosen representatives will serve a three year term with possible election for a second term.


How many people are on the Pastoral Council?

The Cathedral Pastoral Council has 13 elected and appointed members.   Four members normally rotate off the Pastoral Council annually to make way for the newly elected and appointed members.


Who is on the Pastoral Council and how do I contact them?

See our Pastoral Council Contact Page


What is a finance council?

The Finance Council provides advice to the pastor concerning the administration of Church property and other assets. The Council is also responsible to advise the pastor concerning the raising of money for the use of the parish. All pastors in the Catholic Church are required by Canon Law to appoint a finance council.


How many people are on the Finance Council?

At the Cathedral the Finance Council usually consists of between five and eight people.


How long do people serve on the Finance Council?

The Cathedral Finance Council members serve terms of three years. However, they are able to be reappointed at the ends of their terms.


How can I become a member of the Finance Council?

If you have special skills in finance; e.g. you are an accountant, a business manager, a banking employee, a lawyer with financial expertise and are interested in serving on the finance council then you should make your desire known to Father Geaney or to the chairman of the Finance Council, John Czachorski. The pastor appoints all members of the Finance Council.


Who is on the Finance Council?

See our Finance Council Contact Page


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