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Welcome to the Cathedral of Saint Andrew and we congratulate you on the occasion of your engagement and upcoming marriage. If you are considering the Cathedral as the place for you to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage, we want to support and assist you in the best way possible as you embark on this very important commitment in your lives.

Please contact Lynnae Jarrell,
the Cathedral Wedding Coordinator with any questions or to get started on the planning process.

Who can be married at the Cathedral?

The Catholic Church has a long tradition of celebrating the sacraments within one’s own community of faith, so normally, those who are registered parishioners of the Cathedral Parish. But as the mother church of the diocese we also welcome weddings of Roman Catholics from other parishes who might wish to celebrate their wedding in the Cathedral, officiated by a priest or deacon from their home parish.

Who can officiate at Cathedral weddings?

The Paulist priests normally officiate at Cathedral weddings. But permission can be given for a priest or deacon who is your friend to officiate. And, as indicated above, if you belong to another parish your pastor would be the appropriate person to approach in this matter.

When do weddings take place at the Cathedral?

Weddings are usually celebrated late Friday afternoons or evenings and on Saturdays at 10am, 1:30pm or 6:30pm. They are never celebrated on Sundays. Also, the Church discourages celebration of weddings during the season of Lent.

Is the Cathedral Chapel available for weddings?

Yes. If you are anticipating a small wedding, (i.e., fewer than 55 people) you may wish to discuss this possibility with the Cathedral Wedding Coordinator.

Are pre-marriage preparation classes or counseling required?

Yes. Since marriage in the Catholic Church is a sacrament and a lifetime commitment, one of the ways we value and honor it is by taking time to help couples prepare. All Cathedral parishioners begin this process by completing a comprehensive Pre-Marriage Inventory or questionnaire, followed by an interview with one of the Paulist Fathers. This takes place before the wedding date is finalized on the Cathedral calendar. Afterwards, couples are required to participate in a marriage preparation program, a number of which are approved by the Cathedral. Couples who are not Cathedral parishioners deal directly in this matter with the priest or deacon who will officiate at their wedding.

Do Catholic weddings always take place during Mass?

No. Weddings can be celebrated either during the celebration of Mass or during a Liturgy of the Word. Normally, weddings are celebrated during Mass only when both parties are of the Catholic faith.

Are there policies regarding the content of the wedding, the music used, etc.?

Yes. The content of the service is set forth in the Church’s official Ritual Book for weddings. However, the couple being married is encouraged to engage in helping to plan the wedding service by choosing the Scripture readings that will be used during it. There are certain other options for the service also, which will be explained to you. The Cathedral also has standards and policies regarding the music to be used at a wedding. They are set forth in some detail in the Wedding Policies and Procedures for the Cathedral of Saint Andrew which is given to all couples who are going to be married in the Cathedral.

Is someone who is not Catholic able to be married at the Cathedral?

They are, if they are free to marry a Catholic in a Catholic ceremony, and at least one of you is Catholic.

Are people who have been married before able to marry at the Cathedral?

Normally speaking, the answer to this question is no. That is because the Catholic Church regards marriage as a permanent commitment. However, because there are exceptions and extenuating circumstances, you would be well advised to discuss it as soon as possible with the priest or deacon whom you approach about officiating at your wedding.

How does a Cathedral parishioner schedule a wedding?

If you are a regular and contributing parishioner of the Cathedral of Saint Andrew, you may begin scheduling a wedding by calling the Cathedral Wedding Coordinator no less than 9 months before your desired wedding date. She will discuss with you your preference regarding a date and time for your wedding.  After she receives confirmation from the Priest who will be presiding at the ceremony, and a $200.00 non-refundable deposit, she will then secure the date for you.
PLEASE NOTE: The above steps should be followed before you finalize any arrangements regarding the place of your reception, contracts with photographers, florists, etc.

How does someone who is NOT a Cathedral parishioner schedule a wedding?

It is necessary first of all for you to have a priest or deacon who is willing to preside at your wedding. Normally, of course, this would be a priest or deacon from your own parish. It could also be a relative or a close friend. Once you have identified the priest or deacon presider, the Cathedral Wedding Coordinator will work with you to find an agreeable date for your wedding. This date will remain tentative until the priest or deacon has confirmed it with the Cathedral Business Administrator, and after she receives a $200.00 non-refundable deposit to secure the date. 
PLEASE NOTE: The above steps should be followed before you finalize any arrangements regarding the place of your reception, contracts with photographers, florists, etc.

What is the fee for a Cathedral wedding?

The fee assigned to your wedding helps defray the costs of the services of the wedding coordinator, the organist, the sacristan, the custodians, the business office, as well as the cost of utilities, such as heat and electricity.

Fees for parishioners*

For weddings in the cathedral, the fee is $1000. This includes the use of the cathedral church and facilities, the organist, cantor and cleaning and maintenance fee. For weddings in the cathedral chapel, the fee is $800.

*The parishioner rate for weddings is set in order to honor the commitment of participating, contributing members of the parish. It is unfair to them to extend it to people who simply change parish affiliations in order to pay a lower fee. Normally speaking, the parishioner rate applies to those who have been registered and participating members for at least six months prior to scheduling a wedding.

Fees for non-parishioners

For weddings in the Cathedral, the fee is $2,000. For weddings in the Cathedral chapel, the fee is $1,200.

A security deposit is required:

Please note that $200 of your fee must accompany the initial requesting a wedding date at the Cathedral.


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