Paulist Fathers

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Paulist Mission: "Evangelization, Reconciliation, Ecumenism
and Interfaith Dialogue"

The priests who celebrate liturgies and assist in many pastoral activities at the Cathedral belong to a community known as the Paulist Fathers.

Who are the Paulist Fathers?

The corporate name of the Paulist Fathers is the Missionary Society of St. Paul the Apostle.   The community of priests was founded in 1858 by Servant of God, Father Isaac Thomas Hecker. The Paulist Fathers are the first religious congregation of Roman Catholic men established in the United States.  The Paulists came to Grand Rapids in 1947 and have been here ever sense. They opened a small chapel and the original Catholic Information Center in a small store front on upper Monroe where the convention center now stands. 


What kind of ministry do the Paulist priests normally do?

The Paulist Fathers spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to North America, reach out to those who desire healing and reconciliation with the Church, actively work toward Christian unity and energetically engage in positive dialogue with faiths outside the Christian tradition. No matter what the venue – a parish setting, business community, a Catholic Information Center, or a downtown college campus – Paulist Fathers give the Word a voice by meeting the needs of people today.


Which Paulists minister at the Cathedral?

Several Paulist priests regularly minister at the Cathedral. Very Rev. Dat Tran, CSP is the rector and pastor of the Cathedral, Rev. Joachim Lally, CSP and Rev. Bill Edens, CSP are Paulists in Senior Ministry, Rev. Eric Hernandez, CSP is Associate Pastor, and Rev. Mike Cruickshank, CSP is Associate Pastor in charge of Ministry to Latinos.


Do the priests who minister at the Cathedral have other duties?

The major ministries that the Paulists who minister at the Cathedral are involved in, beyond the Cathedral, are the ministries associated with the Catholic Information Center located in the Grand Rapids Diocesan building at 360 Division Street, South. Please visit the CIC website for more information.


Where do the Paulists live in Grand Rapids?

The Paulists live in the Cathedral Rectory which is located next to the Cathedral on the north side at 267 Sheldon Blvd, SE.


Do the Paulists have a lay associate ministry?

Paulists have the Paulist Associates in many of our foundations. There is an Associates group here at the Cathedral as well.   For more information contact the Cathedral Office.


How can I get more information about the Paulist Fathers?

Please feel free to talk with any of the Paulist Staff here at the Cathedral or go to the Paulist website.


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