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cathedral saint andrewIt's historic. It's the Mother Church of the diocese. It's the cradle of Catholicism in West Michigan. And it needs friends.

Built in 1873, the Cathedral of Saint Andrew is home to the angelic bells heard throughout the city as well as indescribable windows created by German artisans before World War II. For nearly 50 years, the Cathedral has brought together a community of families and individuals to reflect on God's Word, celebrate the wonder of God's love in the Eucharist and deepen their relationship with God through prayer.

Through a capital campaign, the Cathedral's majestic beauty was restored for the beginning of the new millennium. But that which is old, even though renewed, needs constant attention in order to preserve its extraordinary detail.

There are dozens of churches that unify the Catholics in West Michigan, but there is only one Cathedral. Please join us to ensure the Cathedral continues as a symbol of God's life in the city on the Grand.



 Levels of Participation...

Friends of the Cathedral are a group of people who express their friendship and support through financial contributions to specific projects associated with the Cathedral. Friends of the Cathedral are people that the Cathedral Rector brings together to ensure that the wonder and beauty of age are not lost to the plague of novelty and neglect. 

Contributors of $100 - $500 to a specific cathedral need:   All Friends will be invited to celebrate an annual liturgy during the Easter Season, celebrated by the rector and accompanied by the Cathedral Schola, with a reception following in Hecker House, the cathedral rectory.

Contributors of $1,000 - $5,000 to a specific cathedral need: In addition to the Chapel of St. Ambrose liturgy, Acolyte’s will be granted a unique opportunity to make a trip of lifetime to visit the Grand Cathedrals of Ireland with the rector of the cathedral Fr. John Geaney

Contributors of $500-$1,000 annually in support of the Music Ministry: Those who become Gabriel supporters will receive (4) preferred seating tickets for all concerts held in the cathedral throughout the year, and will be listed as supporters in all concert programs.

Rector’s Circle
Contributors of $6,000 or more annually: In addition to the Chapel of St. Ambrose liturgy, those choosing to attend the trip to see the Grand Cathedrals of Ireland will also be granted unique opportunities with special audiences and performances during the trip.

To become a Friend of the Cathedral, contact Joe Chiaramonte

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