Ecumenism is a word that often does not come “trippingly on the tongue.” Theologians might say that ecumenism is the promotion of cooperation and unity among Christians. The key to the phrase is that the dialogue promoting unity is among Christian faiths. Why do we need ecumenism? Because it has been long thought that a divided Christianity is a scandal to the world.

The Cathedral is following the Catholic Church’s pursuit of ecumenism.   Like the Church, the Cathedral parish recognizes that elements of sanctification and truth are found in other churches. The question for all Christians then becomes why are we divided? Is not Christ one?   And if Christ is one, should we who follow his teachings also be one?   We will not deny history, but we know that through the process of dialogue we begin to see that the theological points that separate us are not as vast as once thought, and so progress is made to help all of us Christians come together in prayer and thoughtful discussion of our common faith and beliefs. The Cathedral Parish has a Committee on Ecumenism. Each year during Advent and Lent, a book of reflections is distributed written by our ecumenical brothers and sisters as well as members of the Cathedral parish. For many years, the parish has participated in an ecumenical service of the Word in the preaching of the Seven Last Words by different pastors. Each year the parish community at the Cathedral participates in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in mid-January. For more information email Sue Ann Clark.

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