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The Cathedral is home to the Bishop of the Diocese, and many episcopal ("of the bishop") liturgies take place here during the year. They include the Rite of Election, Ordinations and Confirmations.

There are three diocesan choirs that serve these liturgies and also perform concerts throughout the year.


I would love to participate. Is there a choir open to everyone?

The Diocesan Choir is open to all singers who can commit to the schedule. There are three “seasons”, so a commitment to any one, two or all three is possible.

Rehearsals: 1st, 3rd and 4th Mondays of each month, subject to change

Season 1: Monday following Labor Day through the Feast of Saint Andrew, on November 30
Concerts: November 2 (All Soul’s Day) and November 29 or 30 (Feast of Saint Andrew)
Repertoire: masterworks for choir and chamber orchestra

Season 2: January through Holy Week
Liturgies: Rite of Election (first and second Sundays of Lent), Chrism Mass (Tuesday of Holy Week)
Repertoire: standard choral literature and liturgical music

Season 3: May through the first Monday of June
Liturgies: Ordination (first Saturday in June)
Repertoire: standard choral literature and liturgical music

I have studied voice or an instrument. How can I contribute?

There are a couple of extra opportunities for musicians with advanced skills who have time for a significant commitment to diocesan music ministry. These require an audition or invitation and regular participation in rehearsals, liturgies and concerts.  

Contact Dennis Rybicki for more information on available openings.

Diocesan Schola
Stipend: Adjusted yearly, paid for each call for rehearsal or event
Rehearsals: September through June, most Sundays, 12-2pm

1st or 2nd Sunday of the month, 10am Mass, September through May
Extra episcopal liturgies as needed
Confirmations: October (two or three), Lent (two or three), April and May (ten to twelve)
Good Friday—Tenebrae (8pm)

Fall, November 30, and Spring

Cantor Ministry—Hired as needed

Instrumentalists—Professional positions for brass and strings, volunteer positions for all instrumentalists


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